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CYF Caregiver Education January Newsletter

The AHS Children, Youth and Families – Addiction and Mental Health Caregiver Education Team is proud to be able to continue to offer free mental health programming for parents and caregivers of children and youth through our partnership with the Mental Health Foundation. In response to the global pandemic, our programming continues to be offered virtually at this time. 

See the attached newsletter (CYF Caregiver Education Newsletter – January 2021 (1)) for more information on topics, dates, times, and registration.

These 90 minute online sessions are intended to provide parents, caregivers, teachers, and community members with introductory information regarding mental health challenges that can affect children/youth. Unless specified, sessions are for an adult audience.

Based on participant feedback and attendance, we have increased the number of lunchtime sessions we offer in 2021. These 60 minute informational webinars are for parents/caregivers who are looking to strengthen their child’s/adolescent’s ability to thrive through life’s challenges and discover strategies that can help build resiliency. We are also offering select Caregiver Education Sessions as part of these Lunch & Learn sessions.

In January, we begin our seven weeks of S.E.E.D.S – Support, Education, and Engagement Drop-In Sessions. These are weekly, 90 minute, drop-in, interactive and educational workshops. They are designed to help parents/caregivers learn foundational parenting strategies that cultivate healthy relationships, strong child development, and resilient families.  Participants can register for one session or join us for the whole series.

To register for a session, follow the links found in the newsletter or visit:

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January Newsletter: CYF Caregiver Education Newsletter – January 2021 (1)