Black Gold School Division
École Leduc Junior High School

Important School Startup Information

Dear ÉLJHS parents and guardians,

While the school has been busy preparing for the students, we recognize that parents play an integral role in preparing the students for school as well. We look forward to our partnership with parents. This school year will have its challenges; however, we are all looking forward to working together to make it a great year. Below are some key areas that parents should be aware of before and during the return to school:

Health Checks/Illness:

  • Ensure you have a copy of Appendix – C to check daily
  • Know what COVID-like symptoms are; as a student is not allowed in the school when presenting with any of these symptoms.
  • Have a family plan in the case of your child needing to isolate or quarantine
  • Know your child’s baseline symptoms and complete a COVID test if any do typically present. These baseline symptoms will need to be communicated with the school. Please complete the linked short survey to share baseline health information. ÉLJHS – Student Baseline Health Information
  • Contact the school and identify if your child is at home due to COVID type symptoms or others.

Prepare your child:

  • Practice wearing a mask and model how to wear a mask safely
  • Talk about how we can make this a positive experience
  • Practice and identify proper distancing
  • Pack backpacks for the day. Packing light is better.

Meeting with Teachers:

  • You will receive an introduction email from your child’s homeroom teacher with contact information. The email will include information from all of your child’s core teachers. These contacts can also be found under the “About” tab on our website. 
  • Book to chat with teachers on-line or over the phone.

Read the Re-Entry Plan:

Parents in the School:

  • Please call the school first and make an appointment with the office staff before coming into the school. Call 780-986-2184 to arrange.
  • All AHS Protocols must be followed to come into the school. Always report directly to the office. Parents/guests will be unable to go elsewhere in the school. You may then be asked to wait outside the main doors if multiple people are seeking to come into the office.
  • Please only come into the office to pick-up sick kids, sign students out, or drop-off student medication.


  • Please plan ahead as no deliveries to students can be accepted at the school. Please send your child with all that they need for the day- snacks, lunches, school work.  Note: deliveries from skip the dishes, etc will not be allowed. 
  • Label all supplies from pencils to water bottles.

Our Values:

  • Our school and greater family includes tremendous diversity. These days, this includes feelings and beliefs related to everything surrounding COVID-19. As such, every staff member, student, and parent is asked to respect that we are all doing our best and we will respect the beliefs of others.
  • We will all follow the guidelines as set out by the Alberta provincial government, Alberta Education, Alberta Health Services, Black Gold School Division, and École Leduc Junior High School. We are here to support your child and will work together in accordance with these rules and guidelines.

Staggered Entry day and 1st day (September 11th-everybody):

  • Plan for physically distant drop-off/pick-up
  • Only students will be allowed to come into the school at their designated door
  • Bring a bare minimum of supplies on the first day or as asked by their teacher
  • You will be informed when to check PowerSchool for your child’s homeroom information.

September 8-11 Staggered Entry Schedule:

  • September 8: Grade 9 only
  • September 9: Grade 8 only
  • September 10: Grade 7 only
  • September 11: All students attend and regular classes begin.

Students are expected to arrive at school between 8:20 – 8:30 am everyday. 

Parents and Students are encouraged to check PowerSchool the evening before their scheduled staggered entry day and make note of their homeroom teacher and room number. Upon arrival students must go directly to their homeroom classroom. 

Please check out the School Re-Entry Plan on our website for further information. 


Mr. S. Flanagan


École Leduc Junior High School