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Me to WE Club travelled to WE DAY

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On November 1st, 2017 22 students and 3 teacher supervisors from ELJHS’ Me to We Club took a 3-hour bus ride down to Calgary in snowy conditions to attend WE DAY an unparalleled celebration of young people committed to making a difference. Here is a glimpse into the day from two of our Grade 9 students who participated:

We day is a very interesting and inspiring event. We saw a bunch of amazing people Who spoke to us about how different we all are and that it is perfectly okay. They also spoke to us about impacting our community and the world. It changed our ways of thinking. Rather than thinking things like ‘this day is horrible’ to thinking ‘this could be worse if I was in a different situation’. We saw how in Canada we are very fortunate and lucky to have many privileges and rights other people don’t have. It really makes you reflect on how lucky you are. That you just have to look past the bad and look at all the good in the world.

We learned that mental illness can not always be seen on the outside. You may find out that people have depression when it is too late. It was inspiring to see the brave people who came and talked about their experience. The stories were amazing. That they could go up there and talk about what had happened in their lives was incredible. It was eye-opening to see what others have gone through, interesting to know that the scary and sad things are more common than we want them to be and that many of us can relate to them on a personal level.

We heard stories from people like Carol Todd whose daughter Amanda committed suicide because of online bullying. We learned about how it affected her and how she has worked hard to moved on. She, like us, wishes to better the world. It was a very life-changing experience and it was weird to see how much effect little things, said so often, can really impact a person.

We also learned how much time and effort other students our age have put into making the world and their communities better. It has inspired us, even more, to continue on our fundraising journey to help our Leduc Food Bank with our WE SCARE HUNGER campaign. As well as complete our goal of providing our adopted village in Kenya the food they need. This food will go to help feed the school we raised enough money to built for them back in 2015.

WE DAY was an exceptional experience, that we hope many more ELJHS Students get the chance to experience in years to come.

 Malia G. and Emily S.

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