Black Gold School Division
École Leduc Junior High School

New Student Information Page

We have created a section on our website dedicated to providing our new students with the information they need to make a successful transition to our school!

École Leduc Junior High School  –New Student Information

If you have a child who will be attending our school for the first time this fall, please have your child complete the following steps, to complete the New Student Orientation!

New Student Orientation Steps:

  1. Have your child go to the New Student Information section on our school website. 
  2. View the “School Tour and New Student Information Video”. This video takes the viewer through a school tour, provides important information about routines, procedures and policies and highlights the many opportunities for involvement at our school. We hope that it answers most of the questions you and your child may have! 
  3. After you and your child have viewed the video, please click on and read through the rest of the links in the New Student Information section.
  4. Lastly, have your child complete the “New Student Survey”, which will give your child an opportunity to tell us a little more about themselves and ask any remaining questions they may have.  
  5. Check back in 2 weeks to view the FAQ page for answers to your child’s form questions. 

Parent Orientation for Preparing your New (or Returning) Student:

  1. Visit the Preparing your New or Returning Student section on our website.
  2. Information still to come; 
    1. May 13th – prior to we will send more information regarding; 
      1. Parent Virtual Q and A for parents to ask questions. Details to come. 
      2. Student Option Selection – Google form sent out to new student families for students to select their Options. 
    2. On August 31st we will host an informal student orientation at the school – Students will get to do a Self Guided Scavenger Hunt as well as receive their student schedules. More info to come. 

Our staff look forward to meeting you all this fall. Please stay safe and take care of each other.