Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Leduc Junior High School

Flex Program

FLEX Days 2018-2019

ÉLJHS is proud to be continuing FLEX sessions for the 2018-2019 school year! FLEX will run EVERY Day 3 during blocks 3 and 4.

June FLEX Days: 4th and 11th

FLEX blocks are an opportunity for students to choose their learning environment and to try something new, while meeting a variety of curricular objectives. FLEX blocks will also be used to host school assemblies and guest speakers, allowing for less core subject interruptions. Study hall, homework catch-up and missed test writing will also be offered.

Announcements will be made when FLEX sign-up is available. Students can access the sign-up form on this webpage and they are encouraged to follow the instructions on the Google form carefully and to not sign up for the same thing twice.

FLEX sessions will be offered as a double (blocks 3 AND 4), or as single sessions in blocks 3 and 4.

Students will be informed of the FLEX session by their homeroom teachers in the morning on Day 3. Students may not change out of their FLEX sessions.

June 11th Sign Up: please see your homeroom teacher

Have questions? Please see Mrs. Woronuk in room 16 or email