Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Leduc Junior High School

Grade 7 Option Courses

BAND (Half-Year)

Learn how to play a musical instrument and enjoy the fun of playing together in a band!  This course is an instrumental (wind) music program offered during the second half of the school year.  Instruments where instruction is offered include:

alto saxophone baritone saxophone bass clarinet
clarinet euphonium/baritone french horn
flute tenor saxophone trombone
trumpet tuba

During the course, there will also be opportunities to learn:

percussion (snare drum, bass drum, vibraphone, triangle, tambourine, etc.)

This course will start at a beginning level, eventually achieving a repertoire that will include all types of concert band music.  Students will have the opportunity to perform at the year end concert, in front of a live audience at the Maclab Centre.  Students are required to practice at home or during lunch hours in order to show progress on their instruments.  Evaluation will be based on playing tests, written theory tests, progress, and in-class participation.

Students will be able to rent their own instrument from the school, or through The Bandstand Ltd.  Students are also welcome to use their own instruments.  If renting an instrument there is an additional cost of $125.00


This program will focus on the communication skills of speaking, reading, writing, listening, and viewing through various units.

The key objectives are to provide the students with many language experiences that will enable them to:

  • develop and expand upon acquired language learning
  • continue to learn new vocabulary in the themes related to health, exercise, and shopping
  • develop basic vocabulary in the themes related to school, people, places, weather, animals, holidays, clothing, and food
  • build on a variety of verbs in the present tense
  • foster an appreciation of all French culture
  • simulate “real world” situations through all forms of creative expression

Evaluation will be based on presentations, projects, assignments, self-evaluation, and quizzes.


This program offers students the opportunity to learn and develop skills in several sports, depending on the season.  In addition, students will learn about fitness activities that will help them in a program of “fitness for life”.


The goal of Basketball 7 is to introduce young athletes to the game of basketball and develop fundamental skills.   The class will be both on-court and classroom based.  The class will focus on three major areas:

1) Skill Development and Fitness – This class follows curriculum set out by the NCCP FUNdamentals and Learn  to Train programs which are part of Basketball Canada’s model for developing athletes.  Students will spend time on-court learning these skills.

2) Officiating – Students will learn about a different side to the game and see how basketball can lead to financial opportunities.

3) Tournament – Students will be given an opportunity to plan, organize, and participate in their own mini tournament to take place at the end of the term.

All court sessions will be held at the LRC.  The cost for the class will be approximately $35.00 per student (this covers the fee for renting the LRC courts and bussing).  Students are required to bring gym shoes, gym clothes, a water bottle, and a basketball.

COMPUTERS (Compulsory)

This introductory computer literacy course will promote the integration of technology tools into a student’s learning.  These tools will be used throughout junior high school.  Emphasis on the course will be on: ÉLJHS network understanding, word processing skills, spreadsheet, basic programming, presentation tools, online safety and cyber bullying.  Study for this course is self-directed and the teacher is present to act as a guide.

Evaluation is based on daily practical assignments.


Do you love to be in front of an audience?  Are you ready to be discovered?  The Drama 7 program focuses on movement, improvisation, voice, character creation, and play development.  If you have a creative side that needs a workout, then Drama 7 is for you!


Do you like drawing?  Do you like carving?  Would you like to learn how to reproduce your work again and again?  We’ll start by building our confidence in drawing with some crazy drawing experiments.  Then, we’ll progress our drawings into carvings and add ink. While all of art’s magic tricks will be applied, we will focus mostly on line and shape.  Let the magic begin!


In this course you will be introduced to many combinations of art chemicals and tools.  These experiments will push the limits of what you may have seen as traditional art.  Projects may turn into collages, sculptures, digital work, installations, or pictures.  2D and 3D art will be explored and all of art’s magic tricks will be applied.  Your work may be inspired by the many artists we will observe as well.  If you want to learn more about art that is being made right now, this is for you!


What actually goes into making a film?  Students in this course will discover how a film is created through projects that emphasize groups working as a team in a variety of roles to create a film short.  We will discuss the importance of Storyboards, Camera Angles and touch on the many roles necessary in the creation of a film.

This goal is to provide students with a practical knowledge to visual

literacy and how best to create a film to engage and entertain an audience.


Do you wish that your parents would trust you to cook some delicious items in your kitchen at home?  Do you like to eat?  This course could be exactly what you are looking for!

Emphasis in foods 7 will be placed on kitchen safety, kitchen procedures, organization and recipe use.  Students will practice their skills in preparing and tasting numerous recipes.  Foods prepared will include such things as cookies, rustic Italian bread, meat, vegetables, and pasta.  The course consists of lab work and classroom work.  This provides an excellent foundation for foods 8.

Evaluation is based on practical lab experiences, team effort and interpersonal interactions during the lab experiences, and written tests.


Photoshop has so much to offer, this class will be about exploring the options. Combine image and text, alter photographs, create clothing designs and express your creativity. You will create a set of “I want to know” questions and by the end of the course you will have created a graphic design collection, with “how to” notes for later reference.
Additional cost may apply if students would like a hard copy of their digital collection.  


Leadership 7 is a group of grade 7 students who play a leadership role in our school and community.   Students will learn how to public speak, build positive relationships with community stakeholders, and there will be numerous opportunities for students to volunteer in the school and community.  Students are also responsible for the enhancement of our school through bulletin boards and beautification of school grounds (during spring, summer and fall months). This teacher-selected group will be reliable, responsible, creative, and dedicated to the promotion of school and community wellness.  Students chosen for this option will be students who can work independently or collaboratively within a group, and they will show initiative and commitment to the different initiatives throughout the year. Students will be expected to volunteer for at least 5 hours in their school community.


In the course, students get an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities intended to broaden and enrich their knowledge of the outdoors.  The program has been arranged such that:

Outdoor Education I (Quarter 1 and Quarter 4):  familiarizes the students with some spring and fall activities such as canoeing/kayaking, wall climbing, map/compass and fire starting. Additional $25.00

Outdoor Education II (Quarter 2 and Quarter 3):  familiarize the students students with winter activities such as wall climbing, cross country skiing/snowshoeing and shelter building.

Additional $35.00


Would you like to learn how to paint?  In this class you will be introduced to a variety of watercolour and acrylic painting techniques.  Learn how to enhance your work by experimenting with a variety of chemicals and painting tools.  While all of art’s magic tricks will be applied, we will focus mostly on colour and texture.  If you like art, but drawing is not your thing, this may be for you!


Hands on learning will be the focus of this course. Explore all the features an SRL camera has to offer. Experiment with a variety of lighting, still and moving subjects and simple image enhancement (cropping).You will create a digital scrapbook of images to show the progression of your skills over 15 classes.
Additional cost my apply if students would like a hard copy of their digital scrapbook.


Are you interested in learning about sewing and making simple projects?  If you are, then this option is for you.  This module will cover the basics of hand sewing and  how the sewing machine works.  Emphasis will be placed on safety, use of the machine, and basic project construction.  Students will be required to complete one or two simple projects plus one larger project.

Material for the simple projects will be supplied but students will be responsible for the cost of their larger project ($10.00-$15.00).

This option is a fun way for students to begin to develop the interest and

knowledge for more in-depth sewing projects and is an excellent starter course for further sewing

courses.  (Sewing Kit is $12.00 and can be used for grade 8 & 9)

Evaluation will be based on student work on assignments, both written and practical, quizzes/tests,

and a portfolio (notebook).


The Soccer Skills 7 program provides students with hands-on opportunities to develop general outdoor soccer skills, fitness and strength while working in a team environment.  Excellence in effort, drive for personal improvement and sportsmanship are core values to achieve success.  Every lesson focuses on a concept; breaking down the required motor skills, allowing time for practical improvement as well as game applications.  Many, if not all of these concepts, are transferable to other sports and activities.

This introductory program is suitable for experienced as well as novice athletes as the lessons are geared at individual development and ability based goals.  Soccer 8 & 9 build on the skills and concepts learned in this course and together, create the foundation for future team endeavors such as high level competition, coaching, officiating and directing community recreational events.  Soccer 7 is not necessarily a prerequisite for soccer 8 & 9, but should be considered, along with Phys-Ed, to be a good indicator of success in soccer 8 & 9.  It is strongly suggested for students with a personal interest in soccer or other team sports, athletic background, leadership or passion for developing an active life.


Hola!  Have you ever wanted to try learning Spanish?  This introductory course is just for you!  You will begin to learn the basics of the Spanish language through videos, computer activities, and games.  You’ll learn how to get by the next time you travel to a Spanish speaking country.


Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) courses will allow students to explore their interests, and apply knowledge from multiple subject areas in a challenge based setting. Students must design, create, appraise, and communicate a solution in a collaborative environment. Skills developed can apply to daily living and create personal connections to career possibilities.

Crafts (Woods)


Students will use many different tools, materials, and techniques, for introducing them to the skills of making things by hand.  This challenge is focused on the design and construction of an individual project.

Bank On It (Woods)


Students will learn introductory techniques for forming, joining, and finishing, multi part wood products. This challenge is focused on the design and construction of an individual project.


Students get an introduction to rocket propulsion as they’re challenged to design, build, and launch a model rocket that will return safely to the earth.