Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Leduc Junior High School

Grade 9 Option Courses

BAND 9 (Half Year)

Enjoy playing a musical instrument and participate in the fun of playing together in a band!  This course is an instrumental (wind) music program offered during the first half of the school year.  Instruments where instruction is offered include:


alto saxophone euphonium/baritone trombone
baritone saxophone french horn trumpet
bass clarinet flute tuba
clarinet tenor saxophone


During the course, there will also be opportunities to learn:

percussion (snare drum, bass drum, vibraphone, triangle, tambourine, etc.)


Students are required to practice at home or during lunch hours in order to show progress on their instruments.  Evaluation will be based on playing tests, written theory tests, progress, and in-class participation.


Students will be able to rent their own instrument from the school, or through the The Bandstand Ltd.  Students are also welcome to use their own instruments.  If renting an instrument there is an additional cost of $125.00.

Highlights of participation in BAND 9 include the following opportunities:

Band Camp at Camp Nakamun (November)

Christmas Concert (December)

Spring Tour (May)

Year End Concert (June)


Student Wellness Action Team (SWAT) is a group of grade 9 students who play a major leadership and mentorship role in our school and community.

Students are responsible for developing positive peer relationships with all École Leduc Junior High School students, as well as mentoring our local elementary school students and elder care facilities.  SWAT students will be required to take an online mentoring course.

Students will learn how to public speak, organize school-wide events, build positive relationships with community stakeholders, and there will be numerous opportunities for students to volunteer in the school and community.

SWAT students will focus primarily on healthy school initiatives.  They will implement these initiatives through announcements, bulletin boards, posters and activities. SWAT students will be primarily responsible for the implementation of the intramural program.

Since the intramural program is a lunchtime event, volunteer hours required for SWAT will be a minimum of 5 hours in their school community.

This teacher-selected group will be reliable, responsible, creative, and dedicated to the promotion of school and community wellness.  Students chosen for this option will be students who can work independently or collaboratively within a group, and they will show initiative and commitment to the different initiatives throughout the year.  However, if the student is not achieving success in these areas, they may be asked to choose an alternate option.


Leave a lasting legacy with a painting that will be installed in the hallways. Students will create a painting that will be installed above the lockers in the hallways. Learn how to complete a larger scale art project on a professional level.


This program offers students the opportunity to learn and develop skills in several sports, to be picked depending on the season.  In addition, students will learn about fitness activities that will help them in a program of “fitness for life”.


You love taking pictures, so have you ever considered a career in photography? Explore what it takes to manage a self employed career, expand your knowledge of photoshop and learn some techniques used by the pros. Create a photo portfolio to showcase your talent.
Additional cost may apply if students would like a hard copy of their digital portfolio.  


Calling all musicians, engineers, chefs, event planners, travellers, architects, and artists! This exciting  complementary course is available to all grade 9 students, but geared towards students who are interested in using critical thinking skills to explore independent project based learning.

You will be working in the classroom, exploring a multitude of things that are of interest to you. With the support of a teacher facilitator, you will be able to plan, budget, find materials for,  produce and finally showcase authentic projects that you have created yourself, based on whatever you are passionate about. For example: are you interested in architecture? Through ALC, you could use a computer program to create a blueprint of a house and then use various materials to create a model of your design. The opportunities are endless, as they are up to you!

So, if you are excited to discover more about interests you have; passionate about being creative; and eager to showcase your skills, Authentic Learning Challenge is the right option course for you!

Cost: each student will be required to prepare a budget for project completion that will be approved by both the teacher facilitator and the student’s parents.


Ciao! Ever wonder how you could order your favourite foods in a restaurant and actually sound like you know what your talking about? Do you want to travel or work abroad? Communicate with anyone that comes your way?  Well, here’s your chance! Come and try Beginner Italian!


Do you like to tell stories?  Do you want to be the center of attention, or just develop a little more confidence when speaking in front of people?  Drama 9 is for you then.  This course will offer an introduction into the Dramatic Arts through a series of games and activities that will focus on studying character movement, speaking strategies, improvisational acting, script work, and ensemble scenes.  What will your story be?



Students will investigate, build, assemble, and repair electronic devices, including those containing specialized components or printed circuit boards.


Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means…a summer jobs! This is the perfect class to get a jump start on marketing your business. Lemon-aid stand, babysitting, lawn care, gigs for your band, getting the word out is the best way to generate interest. This class will focus on building a brand, basic web design, creating a buzz on twitter/facebook and creating a presentation to showcase your business. All you need to do is come with a school appropriate business idea.


Do you like to eat?  Would you like to continue to improve your skills to cook some delicious items in your kitchen at home?  This course could be exactly what you are looking for!

Emphasis in FOODS 9––PART I will be placed on kitchen safety, kitchen procedures, organization and recipe use.  Students will practice their skills in preparing and tasting numerous recipes.  Foods prepared will include such things as cookies, muffins, yeast breads, biscuits, eggs, burritos, and salads.  The course consists of lab work and classroom work.

Evaluation is based on practical lab experiences, team effort and interpersonal interactions during the lab experiences, and a written test.  Additional cost of $5.00 for this option.


Do you want to continue eating?  FOODS 9––PART II allows you to spend a more time in the Foods lab, preparing and eating more delicious and different foods!  Foods part I is not a prerequisite to taking Part II.

Emphasis in FOODS 9––PART II will still be placed on kitchen safety, kitchen procedures, organization and recipe use.  Students will practice their skills in preparing and tasting numerous recipes.  Foods prepared will include such things as potatoes, eggs, muffins, yeast breads, salads, crepes, meat, vegetables, pasta, and Christmas baking.    The course consists of lab work and classroom work.

Evaluation is based on practical lab experiences, team effort and interpersonal interactions during the lab experiences, and a written test.  Additional cost of $5.00 for this option.


Music fans unite! Do you enjoy listening to music to relax? Dancing up a storm to your favorite jams? Do you enjoy watching music videos or going to live shows? Is music a big part of your everyday existence? If so, sign up to join the coolest new CTF Course available at ÉLJHS for the 2016-2017 school year… The History of Music!

Through this complementary course, you will explore various genres of music; individual artists and world famous groups; decades of musical influence and powerful change; and the music industry itself. While exploring the many facets of music, you will be given the support needed to complete a self-made project about an aspect of music that is of interest to you. For example: Create a Super Group; Design an Album Cover; Plan a live tour for your favorite band; Write an original song! Let the creativity flow as you hop on board the Crazy Train that is The History of Music.

Cost: None, unless basic project materials are needed. i.e. posterboard


Do you ever dream about redecorating your room or what your future house might look like? In interior design we will learn about the various styles of design, from Classical to Modern. We will participate in design challenges and projects, such as decorating your future dorm room or planning for your future apartment!


Just beginning or brushing up on your skills this class is perfect for you. We will focus on safety, basic sewing skills and creating your own pj pants/hoodie from a patterned kit.

Students are required to purchase sewing supplies ($12.00 kit) at the start of the course. Additional project costs will be between $25-40 (pattern kit – comes with everything the student will need to complete)


This exciting opportunity is available to all students, but geared toward the athlete who wants to get to the “next level”.  The program will be comprised of activities that will address the components of fitness (aerobic/anaerobic training, strength and speed training, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition), introductory anatomy/physiology concepts, sports nutrition, goal-setting, sports psychology, program design, and beginner level Athletic First Aid (such as treating sprains/strains, taping, and strapping).

Classes will take place in the classroom, fitness room, fields, and gymnasium.  These elements will center on sport and the application of sport into life both inside and outside of the school.  Those interested in performing at an advanced level in weight training, wrestling, rugby and/or football are strongly encouraged to choose this option.  The course material will review topics and issues not traditionally present in the regular physical education program.  This co-ed learning context will aid in promoting self-awareness, team building and lifelong wellness skills.  A focus on continued improvement and strong work ethic are central to success.  If you like to have fun while pushing the limit, this is the course for you!


Students get to experience the fun of outdoor activities.  They will develop skills in activities such as archery, GPS (geocaching), wall climbing, canoeing/kayaking/stand up paddle boarding, basic camping (fire lighting), hiking, downhill skiing, high ropes courses and zip lining.  Students must be ready to go outdoors in a variety of weather conditions and have a reasonable fitness level.  In all activities, emphasis will be placed on safety, knowledge of equipment, skill development and, above all, the ability to follow directions.

Evaluation is based on written assignments, skill development, participation level and effort.  (There is an additional cost of approximately $40.00 for this option).


Have you always wanted to learn to draw? Would you like to learn how to draw faces? Come and master portraits in a fun and easy way. Students will be working with a variety of mediums (pencil, ink, pastel, collage)


Do you love to create beautiful art? Do you like a challenge? In this option you will be working to create a piece of art for the school or community and a piece of art for yourself. Projects will vary and are based on student interest.



Students will also develop skills in rocket propulsion as they are challenged to design, build, and launch a two-stage model rocket that will return safely to the earth.


Students, let your creativity take flight as you learn about basic but essential scrapbook designs and skills in Scrapbook It! Using both digital and paper resources, create a one of a kind scrapbook based on a theme of your choice. For example, Do you have pictures from your family vacation that need to be put into a scrapbook? What about making a scrapbook showcasing all of the fun you are having at ÉLJHS? Choose a theme that is important to you and let the cutting and pasting begin.

Cost: Bring in supplies that you have or use ones provided in class. Depending on what project students choose to do, the cost of supplies will vary.


Create something out of nothing! Are you interested in working with your hands to create a masterpiece? Students will work with a variety of mediums (clay, plasticine, wire, recycled objects, cardboard) to make sculptures.


The Soccer Skills 9 program provides students with hands-on opportunities to develop specific outdoor and indoor (boarded) positional skill development, systems and tactics as well as sport specific fitness and strength.  Excellence in effort, drive for personal improvement and sportsmanship are core values to achieve success.  Every lesson focuses on a concept; breaking down the required motor and mental skills, allowing time for practical improvement as well as game applications.  Many, if not all of these concepts, are transferable to other sports and activities.

Soccer 9 is suitable for more experienced athletes as the lessons include individual development, ability based goals as well as team and tactical development.  Soccer 9 builds on the skills and concepts learned in soccer 8 with the end goal of creating a strong foundation for future team endeavors such as high level competition, coaching, officiating and directing community recreational events.  If soccer 8 was not previously taken, a strong mark in Phys-Ed 8 is recommended before selecting this option.   Soccer 9 is strongly suggested for students who have a passion for soccer or other team sports have an athletic background or have an interest in leadership.  We support the philosophy that a young athlete who plays multiple sports and learns multiple movements will be better able to pick up new skills. In addition, playing multiple team sports introduces an athlete to varied game situations and helps improve an athlete’s ability to read and react to the rest of the players in the game.

As this is a full semester course, we travel to the Leduc Recreation Centre to use the turf field during the winter months.  This results in an extra cost of approximately $40 to cover the field and bus cost and is subject to change based on the LRC rental rates.  The fee and permission forms are sent home on the first day.


Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Did you know that there are 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world? Take your Spanish to the next level in grade 9 where you will further your learning of the basics of the Spanish language. Those with experience as well as students who are new to the language are welcome to join.



Students will use many different tools, materials, and techniques to introduce them to the skills of making things by hand. In this course students will construct and customize their own woodworking project.

Fee: Project fee(s) may vary


This elective calls for a group of students committed to capturing the highlights of this school year in a masterpiece your schoolmates will treasure. You will plan and design the layout, take and edit pictures and see it all come together in yearbook form.