Black Gold School Division
École Leduc Junior High School

Core Programs

Language Arts 7, 8 and 9
The major units of study are: reading; visual presentation; writing; listening; viewing; and speaking.
The key objectives of the language arts programs are to:
 – develop comprehension skills, critical reading skills, and interpretation of literature
 – develop effective use of the research skill of locating information using many sources
 – use technology to enhance skills in writing, viewing, listening, speaking and presenting
 – develop effective writing skills
 – write effective summaries
 – understand the impact of an audience and purpose in speaking and writing
 – develop active and critical listening skills
 – clarify thoughts and develop competency through formal and informal communication competencies.

English Language Arts

Social Studies 7, 8, and 9
Grade 7 students will examine Canadian history preceding and following Confederation.
Students will learn about the concepts of culture, citizenship and Canadian identity.
Grade 8 students will examine historical world views. This will focus on Japan, Renaissance Europe and
the Spanish and the Aztecs.
Grade 9 students will analyze the relationship between Canada’s political and legislative processes and their impact on issues pertaining to governance, rights, citizenship and identity. Students will also explore issues of economics and their impact onquality of life, citizenship and identity in Canada and the United States.

Social Studies

Science 7, 8, and 9
The major units of study are:
Grade 7: Interactions and Ecosystems/Plants/Heat and Temperature/Structures and Forces/Planet Earth
Grade 8: Matter/Cells and systems/Light and optical systems/Mechanical systems/Fresh and Salt Water Systems
Grade 9: Biological Diversity/Matter and Chemical Change/Environmental Chemistry/Electricity/Space Exploration
The key objectives of the science programs are to:
           – understand the world in which we live
           – develop a foundation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that support further study of science
           – demonstrate proficiency in scientific investigative skills such as problem identification, observation, recording, predicting, and
              hypothesizing.  The integration of technology is used to enhance research and experimentational skills.


Mathematics 7, 8, and 9
The major units of study are: number systems and operations; ratio, proportion, and percents;
geometry and measurement; problem solving; algebra; and data management.
The key objectives of the mathematics programs are to:
               – acquire basic mathematical skills and attitudes necessary for everyday life
               – become aware of mathematics as a discipline and as a tool for use in practical situations
               – prepare students for lifelong learning, further study, and employment
               – apply technology to assist students in mathematics.


French Language Arts 7, 8 and 9

The objective of French Language Arts program is to create opportunities for students to discover, learn and appreciate the french language and francophone culture. Throughout the year, students will deepen their knowledge in grammar while expanding their vocabulary through interactive and independent activities.

During this core class, they will explore different types of current & literary texts through reading, writing, speaking and listening. They should be able to participate easily and willingly in conversations in French.  The ultimate goal is for the pupil to become functionally fluent in French by the end of high school. They will ƒcommunicate in French for both personal and professional needs; ƒ pursue their post-secondary education in French and accept employment where French is the language of work.

French Language Arts