École Leduc Junior High School


Learning Commons Policies & Procedures

https://search.follettsoftware.com/metasearch/ui/109126 – Destiny is for Library Books, searching for books or to sign in to track activity on their account.

LLC hours of operation:

The library learning commons is open daily from 8:15 am – 3:30 pm under the supervision of a staff member. From 12:42 to 1:12 pm students may spend their lunch break catching up on homework or reading. If students require access to the LLC after hours they must be actively supervised by a teacher if the Librarian is not available. Expectations for noon supervision are posted in the LLC for staff to follow.

Procedures for accessing the library for individual, small group, or class projects:

On occasion, students may be sent to the LLC to complete schoolwork, sit out from gym or field trips or conduct their library business. When possible, staff should make every effort to make arrangements with the librarian prior to sending students down to ensure accommodations can be met. 

Unaccompanied individuals and small groups are required to sign in at the circulation desk and show respect for other groups or individuals using the library.

Staff can schedule book exchange periods using the Internal Staff Google calendar or make arrangements with the librarian.

Borrowing policies (loan periods, number of items, overdue procedures):

Students are allowed to sign out three fiction and two nonfiction books for a total of five books. However, considerations may be made for assignments.
Library books are signed out for a period of 21 school days and then are expected to be returned or renewed. Excluding weekends and holidays, a lost book fee is applied to late materials past 2 months of due date. A courtesy email is sent three days prior to the due date, while a second email is sent when items have exceeded the due date by seven school days. In addition, students are encouraged to log in to their Destiny Discover account to track the activity on their account.

Use of library space:

Staff and students may find that the library learning commons is being used by multiple individuals/groups simultaneously. Consideration for instructional purposes will take precedence. Staff have the option to run their own regular scheduled visits when no librarian is available. However, they will need to receive training for using the Destiny Library program. A computer is located at the circulation desk (opposite of the librarian), which is connected to a projector and speakers, for staff use only. 

Teacher Resources:

Teacher resources and instructional materials are stored in the LLC and are managed through the Destiny library program. For insurance purposes, it is imperative that all materials are signout, or assigned sublocations. Reports and notifications generated at the end of the school year will determine the status of the materials. Staff are expected to fill out the status form for items they have checked out so that it can be determined if items are lost, need to be renewed, or returned. Staff not returning to the school in the fall must return all items during the teacher’s work in June or sooner. 

Text Books and Novel Studies:

In keeping with our textbook policy, it is expected that students will be responsible for any damaged or lost textbooks/novel studies throughout the year. A student will not receive a new textbook/novel study until the outstanding cost of the lost/damaged one is paid for. All fees for lost/damaged books will be added to the student Rycor account and made available to pay online using: Visa, Visa debit, Visa prepaid, Mastercard, Interac Online. Cheque or exact Cash can also be accepted in the office. In the event a lost item is found and returned in reasonable condition, the fee will be deleted from your account and a credit will be applied to the student’s account.

If the students have an overpayment on account by the end of the year, the credit can remain on the account for any fees that may be applied in the new school year, used for another family member in the same school or division, or transferred to another school within Black Gold School Division if the student moves on to another school. The parents can request a refund if the amount is over $5.00 and only if there are no other fees outstanding in the Division