Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Leduc Junior High School


Citadel Club

Students see six plays at the Citadel Theater in downtown Edmonton. Students have supper, learn about aspects and job opportunities in the theater (lighting, sound, visual effects, props, play-writing etc…) Students then watch a play and afterwards have an opportunity to meet the actors and ask questions.

Creative Club

We’re meeting at 12:11 on Thursdays in Room 8.

The Creative Club is a place for exploring our ideas and representing them.  We may write a variety of texts such as, poems, essays, memoirs, stories or comics and share them with our community through a blog.  We might enter contests to show off our skills and celebrate accomplishments.  We might create with materials like magazines, scrapbooking supplies and online programs.  Creative club is about being able to produce writing and products to represent our ideas and celebrate our accomplishments.

Coding Club

Thursdays 12:30 Rm 15

Coming learn the code of computers. From games to robots, we will explore the art of Computer Science.

History of Music Club

Run by Mrs. Woronuk and Mr. Schenk

We explore various music genres, eras, videos and bands. We meet most Fridays @ 12:30 in room 16.


Meetings will be Wednesday at lunch in room 23.

Yearbook club is looking for students committed to capturing the highlights of this school year in a masterpiece your schoolmates will treasure. You will plan and design the layout, take and edit pictures and see it all come together in yearbook form.